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Marine Inflatable Life Vest


Marine Inflatable Life Vest

Inflatable life Vest has the advantages of small volume, light weight, comfortable to wear, 

easy to use, Its suitable for offshore operation and personal protective device.
Weight≤ 0.85kg
Floatage≥ 150N
Material: Nylon, waterproof
Inflate forming time≤ 5s
Floating duration≥ 24h
After 24h, buoyancy loss≤ 5%
With reflective tapes, CO2 cylinder and whistle, air release valve ( bobbin)
Weight of CO2: 33G
Suggest to buy cylinder and bobbin while purchasing the inflatable life jacket
Products validity: 3 years
Certificate: CCS&CE
Working principle:
After a life jacket falling into the water, the submerged automatic device to soften 

the water-sensitive components, firing pin stop loss, done to promote the firing 

pin spring punctured diaphragm seal carbon dioxide gas cylinder filled balloon buoyancy generated.
Inflated by mouth blown: Blowing nozzle is a one-way valve, after blowing it will be self-closed.
After using, you should release all of gas in order to avoid explosion while using next time.