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Introduction of Ship Pipeline

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Introduction of ship pipeline

Ship pipelines are pipes used to connect various mechanical equipment on ships to transmit water, oil, gas and other related working fluids. 

There are two types of marine pipelines: power pipelines and marine system pipelines. 

Power pipelines are various pipelines that serve the main engine and auxiliary engines, including pipelines for fuel, lubricating oil, cooling water, compressed air, exhaust, and waste heat. 

The ship system pipeline is to improve the ship's sinking resistance and stability, and to meet the normal life needs of the crew and passengers. There are many ship systems, including a water supply system for supplying seawater and fresh water for the entire ship; a ballast water system for adjusting the ballast of a ship; a bilge water discharge system for removing bilge water; and a compressed air for the entire ship. Compressed air system for fire fighting; fire fighting system for fire fighting, etc. Most of the equipment used in these systems, such as pumps and compressors, are electric and can be controlled automatically.

Ship pipeline Requirements

1. The selection of materials for ship piping must be inspected and approved by the shipowner and relevant classification societies.

2. Generally, ships require thicker seamless steel pipes for bilge water piping, deck washing piping, air piping, measuring piping, injection piping, sanitary water piping, sea water piping, fire piping, and foam piping.

3. The exhaust pipes and flanges should be painted with high-temperature aluminum powder paint or zinc powder paint, and then wrapped with a composite silicate heat insulation material with a thickness of 75mm or more on the outside, and the surface should be painted with high-temperature aluminum powder paint for two degrees. , Wrapped with galvanized iron skin, the surface temperature after wrapping does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius when the host is under full load.

4. The fresh water cooling outlet pipe, steam pipe system and steam accompanying pipe system of the main engine shall be wrapped and insulated with appropriate materials to avoid personal burns.

5. The length of each pipe is appropriate to facilitate future maintenance of the pipe system.

6. Each pipe can only have one elbow, and no more than two elbows under special circumstances.

7. The type of nacelle joint pipe should be approved by the shipowner.

8. The material of the reducer and elbow should be the same as that of the pipe, and the wall thickness should be at least equal to or greater than that of the pipe.

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