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BZF series plate type fresh water generator


  • China (Mainland)


  • BZF

  • New

  • Overseas third-party support available

  • fresh water generator

  • 220v/380v/440v

  • woodenbox

  • 30days

Product Description

BZF series plate type fresh water generator can produce qualified fresh water by vacuum distillation during the vessel sailing. It was designed for automatic operation with continuous control of fresh water quality.


Working Principle


The combined brine & air ejector driven by seawater from the seawater pump creates and maintains a vacuum of 85-95% in the chamber in order to lower the evaporation temperature of the feed water.

After cooling seawater is preheated by plate type condenser, the feed water to be distilled is taken from the sea cooling water outlet of the condenser. It enters the evaporator where it evaporates at about 40-60℃ as it passes between the plates heated by the heating medium.

The vapor generated pass through a demister where any drops of seawater entered are removed and fall to the brine sump collector at the bottom of the generator chamber duo to gravity. The clean fresh water vapor enters into the condenser continuously where they condense into fresh water as they pass between the cold plates cooled by the sea cooling water.

Technical Data
Model BZF BZF-5G BZF-10G BZF-15G BZF-20G BZF-25G BZF-30G
Fresh water capacity(m3/d) 5~6 8~10 15~18 20~24 25~30 30~36
Fresh water salinity(ppm) ≤6
Sea water flux(m3/h) 13~16 28~34 40~50 55~65 67~82 82~98
Sea water inlet temperature() ≤32
Sea water difference in temperature() 7~10
Jack water flow(m3/h) 12~15 25~30 36~44 49~58 60~73 73~88
Jacket water inlet temperature() 80
jacket water difference in temperature() 8~10