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Marine Eco-Friendly Oil Removal Pompoms


Oil absorbent, dimpled, bonded absorbent rolls are appropriate for use in traffic areas and low lint applications. Repels water based fluids and absorbs oil based fluids. Suitable for industrial and environmental applications for quick absorption of oil. Absorb all hydrocarbons such as oil, gasoline, fuel oil, diesel and lubricating oils.
Main Characters:
* Strong tensile, toughness, fiber is not easy to wear and tear or drop off naturally.
* Three-tier structure, the colour of bright white make objects easier to see by absorbence

Production NameItem#/ CodeSizeThicknessCount& PackingAbsorbencyNet weight
Oil Absorbent RollR10140cm*50m2.5mm2pcs/bag180 L/bag10 KG/bag
R10280cm*50m2.5mm1pcs/bag180 L/bag10 KG/bag
R10340cm*40m3mm2pcs/bag216 L/bag9.6 KG/bag
R10480cm*40m3mm1pcs/bag216 L/bag9.6 KG/bag
R10540cm*35m3.5mm2pcs/bag252 L/bag9.8 KG/bag
R10680cm*35m3.5mm1pcs/bag252 L/bag9.8 KG/bag
R10740cm*30m4mm2pcs/bag288 L/bag9.6 KG/bag
R10880cm*30m4mm1pcs/bag28 L/bag9.6 KG/bag