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Marine Honeycomb Panels


Aluminum Honeycomb Panels Marine

Just like composite glass wool panel, composite aluminum honeycomb panels is a kind of frequently used material for vessels’ interior decoration. Our composite aluminum honeycomb panels can be used as ceiling board and wall panel. We can supply many kinds of ceiling board and wall panel. Our products are marine steel/aluminum sheet composite aluminum honeycomb ceiling, marine type A/C aluminum sheet composite aluminum honeycomb wall panel and type A/C steel sheet composite aluminum honeycomb wall panel. Our composite aluminum honeycomb panels are approved by certificates of CCS, BV, DNV, KR, NK, etc.


1.         Surface finish: PVC/PET film laminated (low flame-spread) aluminum sheet/ steel sheet

2.         Core material: aluminum honeycomb

3.         Fire protecting rating: B-15, B-0, C

4.         Width: 600/550mm

5.         Thickness: 50/30/25/20/15mm

6.         Length is customized, (max. 3600mm)

7.         Dimension: width×thickness×length: 600/500mm×50/30/25/20/15mm×required length

8.         Tolerances: width(-1, 0), length±3, thickness(-1, 0)

9.         Certificates: CCS, BV, DNV, NK, KR, GL, RINA, etc.

10.     OEM service available 

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Aluminum honeycomb panels is a kind of sandwich panel consisting of two aluminum plates as face panels and hexagonal aluminum honeycomb cell as core materials, bonded together by aviation purpose adhesive film. Thanks to its superb characteristic of light weight, good strength, hyper flatness, sound, humidity and heat proof, aluminum honeycomb panel has been transferred from aviation industry's usage to civil application, and tends to be most popular light weight panel, widely used in facade cladding industry, interior decoration, ceiling, partition,furniture industry, shio hull building and its decoration, vehicle building ,ship,boat and so on.