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OG Marine Incinerator


  • China (Mainland)


  • OG 120C

  • Blue

  • Steel

  • 1013(L)X1457(W)X1853(H)mm

  • 175kg

  • wooden box

  • 7-30days


OG(S)series incinerators are world leading product, This product is designed to be used in both land and ships to incinerate waste oil and bilge water and sewage and the garbage. Such as :sludge oil, plastics, paper, cardboard, wood, rubber, cloth, oily rags, food waste and hospital waste. It is the main pollution control equipment for offshore platform, ships and vessels, also the waste burning equipment on land.

Comparing with the other similar incinerator, this type of incinerator has good features of big burning capacity, less space occupied and reliable function. While burning wastes, the flue gas coming out of this incinerator without color, smoke, smell, only with less dust, and no poisionous,   

So it will not cause the second pollution. The structure of this equipment is designed to be dismountable. Easier for installation and maintenance.

Technical Data


1.Heat capacity:180.000 kCal/h(210kw)

2.Incinerator Capacity:

  a.       Solid waste:144.000 kCal/h(IMO class 02)

  b.       Solid waste feeding: 200L/charge

  c.       Waste oil:22L(20.2kg)/h (IMO sludge)

  (Liquid waste containing max. water less than50%)

3.Diesel consumption: 10L/h

4.Power consumption: 10kw

5.Dimensions & Weight:

  a.OG120C    1013*1475*1835(mm)        1450kg

  b.OG120C SW 1013*1475*1835(mm)    1430kg

6.Flue gas fan & Weight: DN200                  114kg

7.Flue gas damper & Weight: DN200          20kg 


Recommended Ship,s Incinerator Installation