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Plate Type Fresh Water Generator


  • China (Mainland)


  • Wooden case packaging.

  • About 15 to 30 days.


Plate Type Fresh Water Generator

Product Description:


It adopt 3 in 1 plate technology (integrates evaporation,separation and condensation into one titanium plate to form and independent plate combination) ,this kind of water generator integrates evaporation,separation and condensation into one titanium plate to form and independent plate combination,in which,the sea water desalination is achieved.


Applicable Range:

It can be installed in unattended operation room and periodically works via automatic operation program.It applies to various ocean vessels, drilling platforms as well as coasts and islands which need fresh water.
This kind of fresh water generator can use not only the jacket water to be heat source,but also steam and sorts of hot water which can be recycled to be heating medium.

Equipment Installation:


The plate type fresh water generator is suitable for installation in vessels,drilling platforms and islands which are far from land etc. It is featured with compact installation height and simple structure. All its maintenance areas are designed in the same small space.


The heating medium can be jacket water of vessel main unit,steam or enclosed loop heating system. The cooling sea water of fresh water generator,the supplemental sea water for evaporation and the sea water for power of injection pump are all supplied by sea water pump,which shall be separately installed at sea water inlet.The produced fresh water is pumped into fresh water tank by fresh water pump.



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