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6 Persons Rescue Boat


6 Persons Rescue Boat :

Rescue boat is designed, built and equipped to comply with " 1974 international convention for safety of 

life at sea" 2006 amendments MSC.216(82) , International Life-Saving Appliances Code (LSA)-MSC.48

(66) and amendments MSC.218(82) & MSC.272(85), Testing of Life-Saving Appliances MSC. 81(70 and 

amendments MSC.226(82)& MSC.274(85)& MSC.323(89).

Lifeboat Specification:

Length of Hull:4.30 m                   Breadth of Hull:1.86 m             Depth of Hull:0.78 m

Occupants (82.5kg per person) 6 persons

Speed >6 Knots

Boat weight (light) included with engine,fuel and equipment 605 Kg

Boat Weight (fully loaded) 1100 kg


The hull is constructed by hand lay up with G.R.P. material. The hull and the deck are separately laminated . 

The space between the hull and the deck is filled with polyurethane foam as buoyancy. All mats , woven roving and

resins applied on boat is accompanied by classification society certificates All fittings on this boat are made of stainless steel, 

marine grade aluminum or galvanized steel. In order to increase the boat’s corrosion-resistant performance.

Stability and Buoyancy:

1.The polyurethane foam filled in the space between the hull and the deck provides sufficient buoyancy for the rescue boat to 

prevent the boat from sinking when damaged.

2.The boat is designed to be of sufficient stability and freeboard when it’s loaded with its complements and equipment. 

3.the boat is capable of self-righting when capsizing


The construction of the boat is designed according to relevant rules to ensure that the boat has enough strength 

under every rough sea condition.

Release system:

Rescue boat is being lowered and recovered with single arm davit onboard; The four pcs of bracket have been fitted on the rescue boat, 

four pcs of sling are connected from these brackets to lifting ring, the lifting ring is being connected to release hook(3500kg working 

loading);Crew is able to release this hook on the rescue boat.

Outboard Motor:

MERCURY 25 (gasoline outboard engine) Power: 25HP (18.4KW) Revolution 5000-5500 RPM Starting system:

Manual Engine weight :51kg

Propeller Diameter: 210mm Pitch: 260mm

Fuel oil tank Capacity: 35L No. of set: 1 set

Propeller guard Materail: SUS. No. of set: 1 set

Electrical equipment : One set of battery is equipped to start light. Electric unit is 12V DC

Davit: 23KN SINGLE ARM SLEWING DAVIT orGravity luffing arm type davit.