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Ballast Water Management with Double System

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Ballast Water Management With Double System
Working Principle
When ballasting, the filter can remove the sediments and micro-organisms greater than 50m. After that ballast water enters the UV reactor and appropriate dose of UV ray is generated in order to inactivate the organisms, such as algae and bacteria in the seawaters. With the completion of above treatment, the qualified ballast water finally comes to ballast tanks. During the whole process, filter back flushing and auto self-cleaning of UV lamp will be activated according to the pressure and light intensity change. The filter is automatically bypassed during de-ballasting, and the ballast water receives a second UV-treatment during discharge as safeguard to ensure discharged sea water to comply with the convention's requirements.
It can be applied to various types of vessels including container ships, bulk carriers, offshore vessels, chemical tankers and so on.
Model of System Capacity (M3/H)            Power Consumption   (Kw) Footprint Area(M2)
BWMS-300 100-300 27 ~2.9
BWMS-500 300-500 42 ~3.6
BWMS-700 500-700 54 ~5.0
BWMS-900 700-900 84 ~6.0
BWMS-1200 900-1200 96 ~6.5
BWMS-1600 1200-1600 120 ~7.0
*BWMS-900DS 1600-1800 168 ~12
*BWMS-1200DS 1800-2400 192 ~13
*BWMS-1600DS 2400-3200 240 ~14
Note: * Double system