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Fork Type Shark Jaw

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1.product:shark jaw
2.capacity:100 to 700 tonnes SWL
3.Electro-hydraulic(variable, fixed, multi speed, hazardous environments)
4.-Inline vertical type Towing Pin 
5.Angular close top type Towing Pin 
6.Combine Modular type towing Pin& shark Jaw 

Fork Type Shark Jaw
capacity:100 to 700 Tonnes SWL 
System Features
Electro-hydraulic(variable, fixed, multi speed, hazardous environments)
-Inline vertical type Towing Pin 
-Angular close top type Towing Pin 
--Combine Modular type towing Pin& shark Jaw 
*We builds a full range of shark Jaws for anchor handling tug supply vessels. Standard ratings 
Are 100,200,300,400,500 and 700 Metric Tons and all units perform quick release at the rated
*we customize our equipment to suit the operating characteristics of your vessels. Third party certificate,

 load tests ,release tests and load monitoring systems are available options.
*Intended for us with both chain and wire rope. Replaceable jaw inserts are available for different chain sizes.
*When the jaws are retracted they are flush with the deck in their own watertight frame with drain fittings.
*All operations are remotely controlled from a control panel located in the pilot house and/or locally. 

Controls take advantage of PLC based technology allowing for easier installation with less electrical wiring.

A dedicated hydraulic power unit is provided with each unit.

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Holding capacity
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