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General Emergency Alarm Controller

  • China (Mainland)

  • Deyuan

  • RM-1B

  • Export standard packaging.

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General Emergency Alarm Controller


The general emergency alarm system is designed for the distribution of optical and acoustical alarm signalling of General Alarm.
The system is complies with the latest CCS and SOLAS rules and regulations. It can connect the PA system to make the alarm audio signal output through any of the speakers spread over the vessel. The general emergency alarm controller is adopted the large scale IC and microprocessor  technology. It can generate more alarm signals. The typical signals are as follows,


G/A signal: 7 short pulses followed by a long pulse

Manual alarm signal: output according to the switch on or off

Fire alarm signal: continuous changing tone

(Optional) Abandon ship alarm signal: continuous alternately a short and a long pulse

When the general emergency alarm controller connect to the PA system, the PA speaker can

sound different tone audio signal to distinguish the different alarm.


The   "GENERAL EMER. ALARM  "and " MANUAL ALARM  "switch on the alarm panel. (Abandon ship switch is optional). It can connect the following inputs:

General alarm button: mounted on the bridge wing, Co2 room and other place.

Fire alarm: if no people to answer after two minutes when fire alarm, which enable relay to output contacts to G/A panel.

Emergency paging:  main remote station can interrupt all alarming and to page.

Alarm remote station (RM-1A): used for abandon ship alarming near life boat and emergency paging. (Weatherproof type) 


Alarm bell: outputs are normal open contacts without voltage. The large current contact can be provided according to the users


PA: alarm audio signals to all speaker spread over the vessel through the PA system.

E/R alarm indicator column: the alarm signals extend to E/R, and the outputs are normal open contacts without voltage.

Fog horn control panel: control the fog horn to send signals according to the tone. Outputs are normal open contacts without voltage. 



Power supply: 24VDC     200mA (not include bell current)

All inputs are normal open contacts without voltage. The contact capability is 250VAC/1.5A or 24VDC/1.5A.

Output contact capability is 250VAC/1.5A or 24VDC/1.5A.