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SOLAS Approval Double Chambers Inflatable Life Jacket


  • China (Mainland)


  • All kinds of inflatable life jacket

  • Red or as per your requirement.

  • 3M

  • Export stanard packaging.

  • About 7 to 10 days.


SOLAS Approval Life Jacket :

SOLAS Approval Double Chambers Inflatable Life Jacket :

1.Product Description:

CQY(T)ZS inflatable lifejacket is designed and produced according to SOLAS 74/96, LSA stipulation and it is MSC.81(70.lifesaving equipment standards. It has two separate air chambers which respectively connect with automatic and manual inflation device.If one air chamber loss buoyancy, the inflation of another air chamber can be achieved by manually pulling the toggle,which double ensures the safety. Two air chambers also can be used at the same time. Upon immersion into water it can be inflated within five seconds. it is a device for passengers on board and also suitable for offshore operation. 


1.Lifejacket weight: ≤1.5kg

2.Inflation time: 5s

3.Float duration: 24h

4.Buoyancy: 150N×2

5.Buoyancy loss after: 24h5%

6.CO2 weight: 33g×2

7.Freeboard: 120mm

8.Light intensity of position light: 0.75cd, light duration 8h

9.Ambient temperature for use: -30~+65 


1.Carefully read use instruction before use, and make sure a 33g CO2 cylinder is fitted in a proper way (easy screwed in and hand tight). Train yourself in the use of the device. 

2.Put on as the jacket, Close buckle, Adjust the belt to fit the as tightly as possible.

3.In the emergent situation when falling into water, it can be inflated by the automatic inflation

device within 5 seconds or by manually. Pulling the toggle. When staying in water for a long time and finding gas un-sufficient in the chamber, please inflate the chamber with the oral inflation tube.

4.There are whistle and position light connect with the oral tube on the frontal air chamber, which be used under emergency situation. Open up the switch of the position light in night. Whistle can be used for sound alarm. And reflective tapes can provide the aim for rescuer.

5.D- Ring and lifting loop can help the rescuer get away from the water. 


1.The statement that it is not a PFD until fully inflated (only on an inflatable PFD).

2.DO NOT inflate orally and then inflate via gas cylinder.

3.Before use, please check carefully every part of lifejacket, once finding breakage or leaking gas should contact immediately local service central.

4.It is forbidden to knock the life jacket or throw it from a high height.

5.Do not use as a cushion.

6.Never expose the life jacket under the sun for a long time.

7.Full performance may not be achieved using as normal clothing or in other circumstances.

8.It should be a snug fit. Before use, ensure the 33g CO2 cylinder is screwed all the way into the actuator. A warning that gas cylinders are dangerous goods, and that they shall be kept away from children and not misused. 


1.Rinse in fresh warm water with a mild detergent only after use.

2.Don’t machine wash, dry clean and use stain removers.

3.Drip dry away from direct heat. Store in dry conditions at 0~+35, and relative humidity of 85% or less and should not be compressed.

4.The CO2 content and jacket shall be checked each year by an approved service company.

5.More frequently if in heavy use.

6.Entire lifejacket should be checked very 3 years.

7.Please note the CO2 cylinder and water soluble pill is one- off use.

8.After use should be replaced immediately.