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AFGU fresh water generator

  • Chongqing, China (Mainland)


  • AFGU

  • Stainless Steel

  • Drinking Water

  • CCS

  • wooden box

  • 30days

Product Description

AFGU series fresh water generator is a marine fresh water generator which is tube type by vacuum vapor evaporating.

The unit installed on board can product the drinking water for boiler and water for other purpose. After the unit is used on board, the fresh water storage on board can be reduced and carrying capacity of the cargo is highly increased.

The fresh water generator is suitable for passenger ships, ocean vessels offshore platforms and various diesel vessels.

Technical Features

As the unit uses the waste of the jacket cooling water, it is no energy consumption. It is about 7KWH power consumption for making 1 m3 fresh water.

As the separator is used in the vapor evaporation chamber, the fresh water produced is of a high purity tubes and the jacket cooling water passes though the outside of the heating tubes. In this case the staying time of the sea water and brine in the heating exchanger are reduced and partial

Concentration of brine is reduced simultaneously.

The high vacuum in the vapor evaporation chamber is kept by the water ejector, therefore, the evaporation is carried out under low temperature. There is a little scale formation in the heating tubes. The production capacity of the fresh water can be reached without removing the scale in a long time.

The fresh water generator unit is of a small vertical structure. The additional condensate pump and all fittings are assembled on a common base plate. It takes a small space for installation. Both existing ships and new built ships can easily install such unit.


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