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Magnetic Coupling Type Cable Reel

  • China (Mainland)

  • Deyuan Marine

  • Electric

  • Boat

  • Hydraulic

  • 9 m/min and more

  • Standard Export Packing

  • 60


Magnetic Coupling Type Cable Reel 

General description

Magnetic coupling type cable reel employs magnetic coupling device to connect the cable reel, so as to realize and ensure the winding/releasing of the cable. It provides continuous and constant power supply and reliable synchronism. It is not affected by various employment condition, and can be widely used in large mobile equipments such as coal transporting system and gantry crane of coal power plants. It is composed of reel, slip ring box, hesteresis motor disk, reel current collector, moment regulator, motor, and others.



1.    Releasing cables: When the mobile electrical device leaves the power source, the cable reel of the mobile electrical device will produce slip between the two reel disks by dragging the cable and pushing against the magnetic twisting moment under the pulling force. It thus drags the cable out and releases the cable.
2.    Winding cables: When the mobile electrical device moves towards the power source, the motor of cable reel rotates the reel body via the transmission device and thus make the cable winded.