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AIS Class-B (12.1-inch)

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AIS Class-B (12.1-inch)

(1). Main function introduced

1.Automatic Identification System (AIS) function 
Be able to the continuous autonomous receive and transmit the AIS data information; 
Can display AIS data around own ship when ships equipped with AIS equipment 
Static data include: MMSI, vessel name, call sign, IMO number, type of ship, 
The size of the vessel, the GPS antenna position, Flag, etc. 
Dynamic data include: latitude and longitude, speed, heading, rate of turn , azimuth, distance; 
Navigation data, including: condition of navigation, ship' draft, dangerous cargo,destination and estimated time of arrival 
When AIS target ship enter pre-setting range ,visual and audio alarm occur ,according to range varying sound changing 
Send and receive emergency information by Chinese or English 
AIS fleet management, AIS ship against alarm and found the ship list of alarms set; 
AIS target ship's basic data display (ship name , id no , flag…..etc.),tracking record 

2.AIS target Approaching, sound (audio) and light (visual) alarm function 
Distance alarm : When AIS ship enter within setting range of own ship, sound and light alarms will start 
CPA alarm: When AIS ship enter TCPA, DCPA's alert setting area , sound and light alarm will start . 
Note: while alarming, AIS targets on the screen turns red icon, flashing alarm indicator on the front panel, 
At the same time speaker alarming tone: "The direction × × degrees apart × × nautical target Approaching
Careful avoidance." 

3.Target ship information display function 
List of showing the target ship (range, azimuth and 9 ID) 
Target ship can display on Radar chart (display range of 1-128 nautical miles) 
Target ship can display on Electronic chart 

4.GPS navigation function 
Can display the coastline of the country charts, the Geographic Names ,river map, and beacon lights , dangerous object 
Ship's position, speed, heading ,course, track, time, date, and fishing areas display; 
Beacon lights, hazardous materials increased add-on editing features; 
Cursor position can read tides, port information, calendar, satellite images show the function; 
Waypoint marker points, routes, track line storage and call 
Can store up to 8000 waypoints, 10,000 mark point, 1000 route 100 000 track points 
Cursor, waypoints, routes, track line navigation functions; 
Destination position, distance and estimated time arrival display 
Has arrived, course deviated , and take the anchor, speeding, route steering, the bridge alarm and prompted

(2).Technical specifications

1.Main unit : 
RF unit : 1 Transmitter, 2 TDMA Receivers 
Frequency Range : 156.025-162.025MHz 
Channel spacing : 25KHz 
The Default Channels : A: 161.975MHz, B: 162.025MHz, DSC: 156.525MHz 
Modulation method : GMSK9600b / s, FSK1200B / s (± 50ppm) 
Frequency tolerance : ± 500Hz 
Display screen : TFT color 12.1 inch LCD screen 
Operating mode : CSTDMA / SOTDMA 
Compass Distance : 0.8m 
Power Supply : DC :9-16V / 3A or 9-38V/3A (option) 
Protection class : IP45 
Display resolution : 800 * 600 TFT color LCD 
Data Interface : 4800 bps , 38400 bps, RS-232 / RS-422/TTL (three inputs, three outputs) 
RF socket : 50Ω (VHF) , BNC 50Ω (GPS) 
Audio power output : ≤ 5W / 8Ω (adjustable) 
Operating Temperature : -20  ~ +60  

2.AIS Transmitter section : 
Carrier power : 33dBm ± 1.5dB 
Modulation spectrum:<- 25dBw 
<- 60dBw 
Modulation accuracy:<3400Hz(Bit 0,1)
2400Hz ± 480Hz(Bit 2,3 )
2400Hz ± 240Hz(Bit format 4-199 or 00001111 Bit format )
1740Hz ± 175Hz(0101 Bit format)
Power on the characteristics of the time : the transmit delay : 2083us 
The ramp-up:≤313us 
Transmit long:≤23333us 
Spurious emission:<-36dBm(9KHz-1GHz)

3. AIS Receiver section 
Reference sensitivity :-115dBm (package error rate of less than 20%) 
High input tolerance : -77dBm (package error rate <2%) 
-7dBm(Packet error rate <10%)
Co- channel interference : > 10dB (package error rate <20%) 
Adjacent channel selectivity : > 70dB (package error rate of less than 20%) 
Spurious response interference : > 70dB (package error rate of less than 20%) 
Intermodulation response interference : > 65dB (package error rate of less than 20%) 
Blocking : > 78dB (package error rate of less than 20%) 
>86dB(Package error rate <20%)
Spurious emission : <-57dBm (1GHz ~~ 4GHz) 

4.GPS section 
Receiving frequency : L1 : 1575.42 MHz 
Sensitivity : ≤-150dBm 
Data update : once per second 
Positioning errors : 2.5m 
Positioning time : Cold start : < 60s , Hot start : < 1s 

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.