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Fisheries Dedicated Radio (Dual Signaling)

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Fisheries Dedicated Radio (Dual Signaling)

(1).Main function

1.General voice calls 
2.4Channel watch(221,231,236,238Channel) 
3.Dual mode operation(300 baud rate ASK,1200 baud rateMSK) 
4.Distress call 
5.Individual Call 
6.Fast call 
7.Group Call 
8.Request vessel position report 
9.Timing and manually ship's position report 
10.HF/VHF telephone relay call feature 
11.Receiving all ship call, sea area call and weather warnings information 
12.Receives GPS positioning instructions 
13.GPS Navigation function 
14.AM radio receiver function 
15.Voice encryption capabilities (optional) 
16.Ship no. storage function 
17.Automatically record incoming messages 
18.Full channel scan 
19.Timing turn on the radio function 
20.Timing clock alarm function 
21.Low-voltage alarm function 
22.Memory channels 
23.Waypoint storage function 

(2).Technical Specifications

1.Main unit section : 
Frequency Range:27.5 - 39.5MHz 
Channel spacing:25KHz 
Number of channels:480 channels 
Modulation method:FM (16KOG3E)
Power supply:DC12V or DC24V 
Signal format:300 baud rate ASK,1200 baud rate MSK 

2.The transmitter section : 
Frequency tolerance: ≤  20ppm 
Output power: ≤  25W 
Modulation limit: ≤  5KHz 
Audio distortion: ≤  7% 
Modulation characteristics:±3dB(Relative per octave 6dB)
Modulation sensitivity: ≤  15mV 
Spurious emissions: ≤  5uW 

3.Receiver section : 
Reference sensitivity: ≤  0.2uV(SINAD12dB) 
Squelch sensitivity: ≤  0.6uV 
Deep squelch blocking threshold: ≥ 5KHz 
Audio output power: ≥  2W 
Audio distortion: ≤  7% 
Audio response to:+2~-8dB(Relative per octave 6dB)
Modulation receiving bandwidth: ≥  2×5KHz 
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: ≥  65dB 
spurious response: ≥  65dB 
Intermodulation rejection ratio:≥ 58dB
Data receiving sensitivity: ≤ 0.2uV(Received correctly)
AM radio receiver frequency:500KHz-9999KHz 

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.