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Hydraulic Driven Tunnel Thruster/Bow Thruster


Tunnel Thruster:
Tunnel Thrusters are Fixed Pitch Propeller or controllable pitch propeller thrusters. 

The features as follows: -Superior Strength
Tough and rational structural design has accomplished superior strength, 

Especially strong and durable driving shaft and seal are adopted for longer operation.
-Less Noise and vibration
Employing thicker duct plate, developing new propeller design and so on have achieved less noise and vibration which

follow comfortable living environment on board-Easy Installation and Periodical Inspection

Is especially reduced duct lip and has a structure that it is able to weld anywhere on outer surface of duct for installation, 

On the periodical inspection, it is almost Not needed to change parts except seal. -Various type of driving
Compact new control system can provide easy operation. Customer can choose various configuration of prime mover, 

electric motor, diesel engine or hydraulic motor.

Propeller diameter (mm) Power (KW) Max thrust (KN) Propeller type
MTT60 600 20~75 16 FPP
MTT90 900 75~210 33 FPP
MTT110 1100 200~330 46 FPP,CPP
MTT130 1300 310~470 66 FPP,CPP
MTT165 1650 450~760 108 FPP,CPP
MTT185 1850 720~1020 132 FPP,CPP
MTT200 2000 980~1270 165 FPP,CPP
MTT225 2250 1200~1550 235 FPP,CPP
MTT250 2500 1450~2100 326 FPP,CPP
MTT275 2750 2060~2480 378 FPP,CPP
MTT300 3000 2300~2930 462 FPP,CPP

Hydraulic Driven Tunnel Thruster/Bow Thruster
Hydraulic Driven Tunnel Thruster/Bow Thruster
Hydraulic Driven Tunnel Thruster/Bow Thruster