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Navtex Receiver

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Navtex Receiver

Receiver unit : 3 FIB receiver

Receiver frequency :518kHz (International frequency) and 490kHz486kHz/4209.5kHz of (domestic frequency)

Receiving Mode : FIB

Receiver sensitivity : Below e.m.f 2uV (50 ohms), the error rate is less than 4%

Receiver selectivity :   ≥  300Hz (6dB bandwidth)

 2kHz (60dB bandwidth)

Spurious emissions :   4nW (50 Ohm)

Power supply voltage :DC :9-16V / 3A or 9-38V/3A (option)

Protection class: IP45

Display Resolution :320 * 240 (6 inch LCD)

Data Interface port: INS, NMEA and printer interface

RF antenna connector: 50 Ohm

Audio output Power:  5W / 8 ohms (adjustable)

Project Name : FT-7600 
Receiving unit : 3 FIB receiver 
Receiving frequency :518kHz (International frequency) and 490kHz486kHz/4209.5kHz of (domestic frequency) 
Receiving Mode : FIB 
Receiver sensitivity : Below e.m.f 2uV (50 ohms), the error rate is less than 4% 
Receiver selectivity :  ≥ 300Hz (6dB bandwidth) 
 ≤  2kHz (60dB bandwidth) 
Spurious emissions :   4nW (50 Ohm) 
Power supply :DC :9-16V / 3A or 9-38V/3A (option) 
Protection class: IP45 
Display Resolution :320 * 240 (6 inch LCD) 
Data Interface port: INS, NMEA and printer interface 
RF antenna connector: 50 Ohm 
Audio output Power: 5W / 8 ohms (adjustable) 
Operating Temperature: -20 ° C to +60 ° C 

Information received: 
After the phasing signal synchronization, information began to receive; 
If error rate of received was more than 33%, will refuse to received the information. 
Information storage and the same text information rejected: 
If the information received packet error rate is less than 33%, the information will be saved, after the same text
message will be rejected;

For example, two received error rate for the same information in a 4% -33%, save for the lower one. 
Storage of information and the identification number (ID):
Information identifier (ID) can be stored up to 600;
If information identification number (ID) over 600, the oldest one (the first coming)will be delete ;
The ID storage period at least 60 hours, after 72 hours deleted automatically (including the power shutdown);
Lock information permanent preservation;
If information serial number B3B4 = 00, displayed and saved forever.

List of information selection: All, alarm, user select , complete list of information
Select coast station : allow or restrict all coast stations 
Self-test function: Main unit provided many item of self-test function

Liquid crystal display (LCD): 
All of the information received, work status and control menus are displayed on the LCD, easy to use; 
Receiving station, type of information and various control menu via the LCD and keypad operation and control; 
LCD display always shows real time information of received, synchronization, the receive status, character error,
stored status; 

Displays date and time. 

Interface port function: 
Main unit provided INS and print port functions, Fully comply with requirements of IEC61162 standard 

Received alarm sound(audio) and light(visual) function: 
According to different alarm sound and light , easy to recognize emergency, or general information: 
Emergency information alarm: received D type of information as well as search and rescue information; 
General Information Alarm: Except received "D type information . 

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.