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SART(Radar Transponder)

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SART(Radar Transponder)

(1).Product Overview:

Search and rescue radar transponder (SART) is a homing device, belong to Global Maritime Distress

and Safety System (GMDSS).

Product performance to meet the relevant international standards, with independent intellectual property rights,

China Classification Society CCS (certificate number: FZ12T00011)

Register of fishing vessel of P.R.C. (certificate number: C00001300007).

Functions and features:

1. Navigation radar of search and rescue ship or helicopter detect pulses from the SART ,

The SART transmitting signal will display exactly position on radar screen of search and rescue ship or helicopter

2.Crew(survival) with hand-held SART or distress ship equipped with SART

will discover rescue ship or helicopter is getting close to them.

3. Utilize X-band small signal detection technique, waveform generation technology,

High-efficiency power conversion to achieve low power consumption,

With good electromagnetic compatibility, mature technology, reliable performance.

(2).Technical specifications

1)Receiver and transmitter frequency range:9200MHz-9500MHz

2)Antenna polarization:Horizontal polarization

3)Horizontal beam range:360°

4)Vertical beam range:With respect to a horizontal plane of at least ± 12.5 °

5)Receiver sensitivity:Better than-50dBm

6)Equivalent isotropic radiated power:≥400mW

7)Transmit allowable pulse width:100μs

8)Receiving prohibit pulse width:105μs~110μs

9)Sweep range (linear fm):9200MHZ~9500MHZ

10)Sweep mode:Sawtooth waveform , positive period:7.5μs±1μs ,

negative period:0.4μs±0.1μs

11)Sweep frequency repetition rate:In the period of 100μs transmit, sweep 12 times

12)After receiving , recovery time of the subsequent triggers:≤10μs

13)Response delay time:≤0.5μs

14)Temperature Range

Environment temperature:-20+55

Storage temperature:-30+65

15)Case protection grade:IP68

16)Case color:Yellow or orange ( selectable)

17) Compass safety distance:50cm

18)Battery life:


a)Operating voltage:Lithium batteryDC-7.2V, Current:13500mAh

b ) Standby condition (Only receiver unit):≥ 96h

c)In response(Sending and receiving):≥ 8h


a)Operating voltage:Lithium batteryDC-7.2V, current:15000mAh

b)Standby condition(Only receiver unit):≥100h

)In response(Sending and receiving):≥10h

19)Dimension:100(D)× 390(L)mm

20)Weight:approx. 1000g


Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.