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WCBx-B series marine sewage treatment machine


  • China (Mainland)


  • WCBx-B series

  • Sewage treatment plant

  • Sewage treatment plant

  • Export standard packaging.

  • About 20 days


Marine sewage treatment machine:
1.Certificate: CCS,EC,GL and BV certificate.
2.Adopting horizontal circular design,ellipse cl


Marine sewage treatment machine :

WCBx-B series marine sewage treatment machine :


1.Certificate:CCS,EC,GL and BV certificate. 

The method of combining ctalytic oxidation,ultraviolet disinfestations and sterilization is adopted in the WCBx-B series sewage treatment plant,it treats the domestic sewage of toilet from ship. And it optimal designed the biochemical reactor,the chlorine adding sterilization is adopted,so compare with the products of the same kind,it has the characteristics of small cubage,light weight,compact structure and without secondary pollution.The discharged water after the treatment of the device has reached the effluent standard stipulated internatioinally,and it accords with the requirement of resolution MEPC.159(55) of international marine organization environemental protection commission,and international waste fluid effluent standard.   WCbx-B series sewage treatment plant consists of 5 watertight tanks.  These 5 tanks respectively are a sewage tank,first-stage contact oxidation tank,second-stage contact oxidation tank,a settlement tank and a catchment tank.  The device has strong corrosion resistance and applies to sea water to flush toilets.