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ZRG-0.12 Steam Heating Calorifier


  • China (Mainland)


  • Pressure water tank

  • Water tank

  • Export standard packaging.

  • About 20 days


ZRG-0.12 Steam Heating Calorifier:  


1. Design pressure: 0.7MPa 2. Working pressure: 0.6MPa 3. Test Pressure of Sealing: 0.8MPa 4. Test Pressure of Strength: 1.0MPa 5. Various appendices physical 6. location scene decides 7. Material of main parts:Stainlness


This series hot water tank is suitable for heating fresh water by electricity or steam on the ship or platform, heated fresh water for crew use.

Principle Description:

This series hot water tank can be combined to use with fresh water pressure tank on board, that is to use fresh water in fresh water pressure tank to replenish this tank, and then heated by electric or steam heating elements  for usage of entire vessel.

Temperature controller: The water temperature in tank is controlled by two WTZK-50-C pressure type temperature controllers; If the water temperature in tank is lower than 50℃, the power will be on automatically and the electric heater will begin to heat; If the water temperature in tank is higher than 65℃, the power will be off automatically and the electric heater will stop heating.

Temperature regulating valve: open and close it according to the set temperature control range.

Float level Switch: to protect the electric heater, if the liquid level in tank is lower than float level switch, the electric heater will cut off automatically.

Pressure gauge: to show the pressure in tank.

Thermometer: to show the water temperature in tank.

Safety valve: If the pressure in tank is more than 0.42MPa, the safety valve will open to release the pressure in tank.