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15PPM Bilge Separator


  • China (Mainland)


  • Wooden case packaging.

  • About 15 to 30 days.


Small Size 15PPM Bilge Separator

Product Description:


The bilge separator can handle all kinds of fuels used by ships, including the residual oil with extremely high density and emulsified oil mixture, can be separated effectively, and the effluent oil content is no more than 2ppm.


It is fully conform to domestic voyage ship rules of statutory inspection techniques", MSA, The People's Republic of China (2008).
The amended Article 14 in by-law I of "Convention on Prevention of Pollution from Ships", IMO MARPOL.73/78
"Revised guidelines and specifications for pollution prevention equipment for machinery space bilge of ships", IMO.MEPC.107. (49).


Series 15ppm bilge water separator design not only pursuits extremely high emission standards, but also gives consideration to meet the needs of ship-owners and shipyards. The advantage of the HBN product is created basing on this design idea.


Advantage of the bilge separator:


Drain oil content is less than 2ppm.
Oil emulsion separator with high efficiency and large capacity, the service life is more than 1 year.
Coalescence units and emulsion units have automatic conversion function, oil discharge control, temperature control and security setting.
Warning device of bilge water alarm with configuration 15ppm can not only automatically reveal the drainage water oil content, but also warn it to go back to the drainage bilge when the discharge water level exceeds standard and then automatically take record.
It can withstand ship vibration and other mechanical vibrations during sailing.
It can be operated normally at temperature of 5℃ to 40℃.
It can be operated normally with 90% relative humidity in the air.
Simple operation, automatic running and needless backwash.
Small size, light weight and easy maintenance.
Complete set of accessories and spare parts of high quality and efficient after-sales service.


Available model:


Model Number Dimension And Installation Size Weight
H A B C D Kg
JBN-0.1 1070 590 580 350 480 120
JBN-0.25 1236 709 707 484 695 155
JBN-0.5 1400 1010 910 950 810 185


System Diagram Of Scheme: