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ANSI B16.5 Ring Type Joint Blind Flange

  • Carbon Steel

  • ANSI

  • China (Mainland)

  • Standard

  • Export standard packaging.

  • Depends on your order quantity.


Joint Blind Flange :

ANSI B16.5 Ring Type Joint Blind Flange :

Some important features of blind flanges are as follows:
Carbon Steel Blind flanges are sometimes supplied with NPT fittings which allow pressure
test connections to be fitted;
Blind flanges are used to blank off the ends of pipe;
Blind flanges are also used to blank off the ends of valves and pressure
vessel opening;
Considering factors like internal pressure and bolt loading,blind flanges,
especially in the larger sizes,are the most highly stressed of 
all types of flanges;
Since the maximum stresses in a blind flange are bending stresses at the
center,they can safely be allowed to be higher than in other types of flanges;
Blind flanges are made to fit standard pipes in all sizes.


Carbon Steel BL flange Size Range:1/2" ~ 72"(DN15 ~ DN1800)

Carbon Steel RTJ blind flange Pressure Ratings:6bar, 16bar,25bar,150LB,300LB,400LB,600LB,900LB,1500LB,2500LB;5K,10K,PN10,PN16,PN25,PN40 etc
1.Carbon Steel BL flange American Standard
ASME/ANSI B 16.5,ASME B 16.47
2.Carbon Steel BL flange German & Italian Standard
DIN 2527
3.Carbon Steel BL flange Japanese Standard
JIS B2220


carbon steel,ASTM A105,ST37.0,ST35.8,St37.2,St35.4/8,St42,St45,St52,St52.4,STP G38,STP G42,STPT42,STB42,STS42,STPT49,STS49 etc