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Bilge Alarm Oil Content Monitor Of 15PPM Bilge Alarm


  • China (Mainland)


  • Sewage treatment plant

  • Sewage treatment plant

  • Export standard packaging.

  • About 20 days


Bilge Alarm Oil Content Monitor Of 15PPM Bilge Alarm  :

Product Description:

YNB-IV Bilge Alarm Oil Content Monitor Of 15PPM Bilge Alarm measures the oil concentration by infrared measuring technique, which can overcome the measurement error emerging in color and density caused by the solid particle existing in the water sample. The monitor is also equipped with a system of working information memory and mini printer. Facilitate the supervision of the working condition of pollution prevention equipments The device satisfied the IMO MEPC107 (49) requirement of International Marine Organization Marine Environment protection Committee. and got the Type Approval Certificate from CCS. YNB-IV mensurate the oil content in sample water by the different scattered light of the elaioplast and display it by digital. When the oil content is over the setting alarm point (15PPM), the alarm is on; at the same time the excess control signal will output, which will control the outfit of bilge separation facility, alter its working mode, prevent oil stain which is over the setting point discharged directly. 

Main Technical Parameters:

Masuring range: 0-100 PPM

Supply voltage: 110V/220VAC Power: 30 VA

Alarm range: 1-50 PPM (set according to demand)

Default alarm point: 15 PPM

Alarm delay: alarm 1: <2S , alarm 2: 2-8S

Capacity of the signal output terminal: 3A/240V AC

Alarm display: LED RED

Sample water pressure: 0.1-0.5 bar

Sample water current speed: about 1 L/min

Memory capacity: 64k (18 months’ data at least)

Type of printer: dot matrix printer, use ordinary roll of paper with width of 57.5mm

Temp Range: 0℃-50℃ Overall dimension: 460×300×180 mm Weight: 15Kg The IMO-MEPC.107(49) resolution regulates the design and performance of the oily water separators and the 15 ppm Bilge Alarms for machinery space bilges of ships. Each ship must have a certified 15 ppm bilge alarm for measuring the oil content in the discharge water. The 15ppm Bilge Alarm shall give an alarm and initiate automatic stop of overboard discharge of oily mixtures, according to the latest requirements.

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