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ZYFM Series Oily Water Separators


  • China (Mainland)


  • ZYFM Series

  • Sewage treatment plant

  • Sewage treatment plant

  • Export standard packaging.

  • About 20 days


ZYFM Series Oily Water Separators :

Product Description:

ZYFM SERIES OILY WATER SEPARATORS (15PPM BILGE SEPARATOR) can be used to treat bilge oily water, and also at mines, generating station and oil depots, etc. to deal with the oily water especially that contain high emulsive oil concentration. Its’ function has reached the discharge standard stipulated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and also accords with the oily water discharge standard stipulated for the vessels, mines and enterprises by China. The outflow quality of the device has reached the Resolution IMO-Mepc107 (49)

The device has following characteristics:

It is constructed by The primary oil water separator, secondary emulsive oil separator, screw pump, electric control box, oily consistency detector, strainer, fine filter and 3-way valve (or solenoid valve), etc.. All of these are installed on a common seat. And if needed the primary oil water separator and electric control box may also be installed separately with secondary emulsive oil separator and oily consistency detector according to different engine room if necessary The accessory pump does not directly draw from the oily water. Therefore, the emulsion of the oily water is avoided . And the device can gain high separating efficiency. It use the combination of gravitational separation in vacuum and refined emulsified oil separation method. The oil drops conglomerate and float upward rapidly to the oil collecting room at the top of device when they pass through the tunnel of coalescing element in special degree and special speed. The coalescing element can backflushed it-self automatically, and there will be nearly no blockage happened. In long term usage, no replacement will be needed for coalescing element. It has good automatic oil discharge control and safety precaution of accessory pump. And can automatically control the primary discharge process or change to the secondary discharge process by the character of the oily-water. Also can put the unqualified water back to bilge when the oil concentration in processed water is beyond the limit. The devicd is easy to operate and highly reliable, and its function accords with requirements for the 24h unattended engine rooms It is proved that : The effluence of the device are less than 10PPM when it treat the normal oily water (not emulsified) by using only the primary oil water separator.


The effluence of the device are less than 5PPM when it treat the emulsified oily water by using the primary and secondary separator.

Available Model:

Model  Size Voltage Certification Power
Pump Vacuum
E-heater Ouline dimension Net
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
ZYFM-0.25 0.25m3/h AC
MEPC107(49) 0.25 Pluger
≤6m .. 1403 966 1138 200kg
ZYFM-0.5 0.5m3/h 2.5 Screw
≤6m 1kw 1618 950 1531 500kg
ZYFM-1 1m3/h 3.5 ≤6m 2kw 1927 1163 1704 700kg
ZYFM-2 2m3/h 4 ≤6m 2kw 2030 1163 2040 1000kg
ZYFM-3 3m3/h 5 ≤6m 2kw 2352 1260 2180 1600kg
ZYFM-5 5m3/h 6.5 ≤6m 3kw 2700 1470 2400 2200kg