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Heavy Duty Offshore Winch

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Heavy Duty Offshore Winch

complete, portable hydraulically controlled winch mounted on its foundation frame, ready for connection

winch set of max. 8 identical winches (4 x left hand & 4 x right hand design)

(on single foundations or also possible on a common foundation frame for more than one winch)

for local oil supply or on request also with own hydraulic power units

with spooling mechanism

for the use of steel rope Ø 52mm, 1500m long

static holding load (brake) 1500 kN in 1st layer

stepless speed control

stalling pull 1000kN at 0 m/min

pull / speed 1st layer: 900 kN at 0-6 m/min, 160 kN at 0-30 m/min

5th layer: 630 kN at 0-8.5 m/min, 110 kN at 0-42 m/min

10th layer: 450 kN at 0-11 m/min, 80 kN at 0-55 m/min

dynamic braking for anchor rope paying out with water cooled brake

pull / speed 1st layer: 200 kN at 0-120 m/min

5th layer: 140 kN at 0-170 m/min

10th layer: 100 kN at 0-240 m/min

clutch, hydraulic remote control operation

disk brake, sea water cooled, adjustable, hydraulic, remote controlled

spindle band brake, hydraulic (remote control) as well as manual operation, spring loaded hydraulic cylinder

integrated transmitters for cable length, speed, working torque and brake torque