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Marine Heat Recovery Boiler-Made in China


Marine heat-recovery boiler
China Deyuan Marine Fitting Co., ltd are leading supplier of marine boiler, we have oil-fired boiler, exhaust-gas boiler, oil fired and exhaust gas boiler, hotwater boiler etc. Pls contact us for more details.
This series products is a typical product of energy-saving and environment-protection, it can not only reclaim much recovery-heat saving energy, but also downgrade the discharged-exhaust-gas temperature and reduce the pollution, that is very suitable for the places with much exhaust heat from large diesel engine or sets of gas-fired generator. This series heat-recovery boiler, with compelling circulation water pipe structure, usually can heat the crude oil in oil field, provide heat for heat-user and heat the fluid. Furthermore, this series boiler can be jointly used with oil-fired boiler; The hot water produced can go straightly into the oil-fired boiler.
These series product usually takes use of the extended surface pin-tube as its heat- transferring element, so that the heat surface around the smoke becomes larger. Affected by the pintube-shape, a turbulence will come out when the smoke passes the tube surface, playing a positive role in improving the heat transferring efficiency and decreasing the assemble of smoking dust. If there are different features of the products or special requirements from our clients, we will choose extended-surface-tube, sometimes phototube, instead of pin-tube, .
Max Working pressure 1.6MPa.